Assisted Living

  • Assisted Living means giving nothing up and regaining a renewed sense of purpose-driven living, independence and privacy, compassionate care within your own apartment home and a dignified and meaningful lifestyle. We offer a 24-hour dedicated and caring team that is prepared to meet your personalized needs and wants. You will be treated in a way that is dignified and feel great about the time you will regain to pursue your interests.

  • Our executive leadership works daily to ensure that care is delivered in a respectful and comprehensive nature and where any additional services are communicated timely. We appreciate you, your family and the preferences that are noted. You deserve to be treated in this way and it is our goal to do just that.

  • Our services are created to meet your needs:

    • Medication assistance and management
    • Regular assessment and service planning
    • Bathing, dressing, grooming, and other self-image enhancements
    • Mobility, Escorts and reminders
    • Dining and Social or activities assistance
    • Care coordination and other health care management assistance
    • And much, much more

Assisted Living Service Plans

Orangeburg Manor provides what we call our "Level Care Plan." We recognize that our residents require different degrees of care based upon their individual needs and desires — and that those needs and desires will change over time. Therefore, our "age in place" care system is designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate the unique attributes and abilities of each resident.

Moving residents from one residence to another is often traumatic and not desirable, so our "Level Care Plan" allows for our residents to "age in place" as their physical and mental acuity increases. While each resident receives individualized care, we do not separate our higher functioning residents from our lower functioning residents; so as residents' acuity increases, their transition is a gentle and graceful one.

We encourage all of our residents to independently perform as many daily tasks as they are able. Our staff pays close attention and fills in with assistance when needed. We also review the established care plan for each resident at regular intervals with the input of the resident, family members and Orangeburg Manor staff to ensure the best care plan for each resident is always in effect.

Level I Care Plan

Residents under the Level I Care Plan are capable of performing most of their everyday tasks with minimal to no assistance. Under most circumstances, Level I residents generally seek/need assistance with the more physically or mentally taxing undertakings, such as bathing, housekeeping, laundry and medication administration.

Level II Care Plan

In addition to Level I Care, residents on the Level II Care Plan will receive more extended assistance, often associated with the early stages of dementia, such as:

  • Increased housekeeping and laundry service
  • Meal reminders
  • Incontinence care
  • Oxygen administration
  • A more involved medication regimen
  • Redirecting behavior

Level III Care Plan

Level III residents require advanced assistance where more specialized help is needed in all areas of personal care. This plan may also include strict dietary supervision due to diabetes, kidney failure, etc. Level III residents may require closer supervision and staff intervention due to behavioral conditions commonly connected with the later stages of dementia.

Level IV Care Plan

This care plan is most appropriate for residents requiring hospice care, which includes full assistance with bathing, personal hygiene, bladder/bowel management and ambulation. Residents utilizing this specific plan may require the aid of two Personal Care Attendants.

Assisted Living Resources

Assisted living has become an increasingly popular option for seniors wishing to remain independent, while still having access to the right amount of help to make their lives easier. We have compiled both links and articles to provide you more information about what assisted living is, who it’s for, and what types of services are offered. Whether it’s you or a loved one who may need a little assistance, please take the time to review the information below in order to learn if this would be the correct senior living option for your needs.

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Caregiver Resources

As our parents and loved ones grow older the time will come when we have to consider the options available and what's in their best interest. While some people will opt for care in a senior living facility, others will take on the responsibility of acting as the primary caregiver for their loved one. We are here to help ease the assessment process and to provide you with the resources needed to make the decision best for your loved one. Read the articles below and browse the links provided to learn more about the responsibilities of a senior caregiver.

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Health Care Resources

Perhaps the most significant concern as we age is our health and accessibility to health care. As we grow older it's important to concentrate on quality of life. Seniors may find themselves asking, what simple exercises can I do to live a healthier life? What are some healthy meals I can prepare for myself? Additionally, you may have questions about Medicare, health insurance, and disease education. We have complied a wealth of health care resources for your convenience.

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