About Our Care Plans

Assisted Living Service Plans

Orangeburg Manor provides what we call our "Level Care Plan." We recognize that our residents require different degrees of care based upon their individual needs and desires — and that those needs and desires will change over time. Therefore, our "age in place" care system is designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate the unique attributes and abilities of each resident.

Moving residents from one residence to another is often traumatic and not desirable, so our "Level Care Plan" allows for our residents to "age in place" as their physical and mental acuity increases. While each resident receives individualized care, we do not separate our higher functioning residents from our lower functioning residents; so as residents' acuity increases, their transition is a gentle and graceful one.

We encourage all of our residents to independently perform as many daily tasks as they are able. Our staff pays close attention and fills in with assistance when needed. We also review the established care plan for each resident at regular intervals with the input of the resident, family members and Orangeburg Manor staff to ensure the best care plan for each resident is always in effect.